About Us

With Latin America going through one of its most stable growth periods in over 40 years, this site is dedicated to candid discussion about current issues in the region, with an emphasis on doing business there. We will engage in healthy debate and shed fresh light on important subjects, and also tackle head on some of the myths and preconceived beliefs regarding this increasingly important area.

In response to demand we are also going to include discussion about opportunities and strategies for the introduction of products into the US from Latin America and other regions. You will see a number of product categories that we will focus on.

LatINsight has come about on the back of the need to demonstrate more about us here at SoCore (Southern Core Group)SoCore itself evolved out of a passion for Latin America and the rest of the Americas and the belief in international trade and came out of our commitment to not only grow our own careers but also to help others do the same.

This is why SoCore offers open and honest discussion and information that will not only convey the type of people that we are but also  what we want to be, which is a highly collaborative organization that benefits anyone that comes into contact with us and all the friends that we will meet on this journey.

We hope that our expertise and openness and passion will attract companies interested in international trade to contact us for tailored strategic and operational approaches for business development in the region. We are committed to getting you where you need to be – We will give you the most objective advice.

We are dedicated to adding value and will work with you to determine the most realistic and effective approach.


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